– The house is ready
– Cosy and quiet house with 9 apartments
– Storage room is included in the price of each apartement
– Four parking spaces on the grounds
– Apartments with ceilings up to 3m high, concrete floors and slabs, forced ventilation, floor heating
– A 5-minute walk from the Kadriorg Park
– An 11-minute walk from the sea
– There is legendary cafe and shop NOP in a walking distance and other restaurants like Mantel ja Korsten, Taverna del Gallo Nero, Gourmet Coffee
– Only high-quality and ecological finishing materials. Exceptional quality of construction works
– Construction supervision by ProAdvice OÜ. Responsible specialist Vjacheslav Mamoma
– Reliable builder. Company Vanalinna Ehitus OÜ. Building project manager Indrek Kaselt
– Rich experience in project management. Company Balfour OÜ. Member of the board Margus Mändmets
– Interior designer Kärt Loopalu, SuperEllips OÜ


Naturally, the house imposes certain restrictions on utility routings, windows and stairs. The client’s wishes and vision of their ideal home are taken into account, and an interior designer will help each client find solutions to match these ideas.

It’s going to be like new house. The building will be completely reconstructed to its historical size. The extant original facade details will be restored and exhibited, and copies will be made to substitute missing details or those that cannot be restored. Structural engineering systems and solutions complying with all modern structural engineering standards will be utilized. Overall, this is an old house with the feel of a new one. 

The details of the house are worth mentioning, as they might become a source of inspiration and cornerstones for creating a new home. Reviving and restoring these details can be both a challenge and a luxury. There are a few apartments in this house. In each one, modern interior design and finishing solutions have been used. The basement floor of the house has several large storerooms and utility rooms, while the living areas with high ceilings are pleasantly spacious for comfortable living. It will be a gorgeous wooden facade renovated house, within walking distance of the NOP cafe for a morning coffee. Kadriorg Park is also nearby for a jog as well as the seaside area for dog walking.


Tailor-made apartments and apartment building. This is how the developer and constructor would like to give you an opportunity to create your own home, your own world in a hundred-year-old building in Kadriorg.

Kadriorg is a special district and an urban space where age and history make things more appealing and make the atmosphere more inviting. Centuries-old buildings carry even bigger stories than younger ones and are of ever-increasing value. In other districts, the streets and quarters are still being renovated, but the Kadriorg district has been complete for the last 50 years, where a limited amount of new and modern can be created. 

The present-day Köleri Street took shape during the Estonian urbanization of the early 20th century before the birth of the first Republic of Estonia. While several other houses on Köleri Street have already been revitalized, the No. 14 house is now next in line. This is a rather authentic example of a Lender house: a nine-axis building with an original historical wooden door, wooden windows and moldings above the windows. Köleri 14 is located in a charming atmospheric area and the architecture of the house is considered highly valuable from urban planning point of view as well. 

NB! The pictures are illustrative. Furniture and decor elements are not included in the price of the apartments.



  • FLOOR 0 - 1
  • ROOMS 2
  • SIZE m2 49.5
  • GROUND FLOOR m2 29.5
  • FIRST FLOOR m2 20
  • STOREROOM m2 1.8


  • FLOOR 0 - 1
  • ROOMS 2
  • SIZE m2 71.8
  • GROUND FLOOR m2 32.1
  • FIRST FLOOR m2 39.7
  • STOREROOM m2 2.3


  • FLOOR 0 - 1
  • ROOMS 4
  • SIZE m2 125.
  • GROUND FLOOR m2 52.7
  • FIRST FLOOR m2 71
  • STOREROOM m2 2.7


  • FLOOR 0 - 1
  • ROOMS 4
  • SIZE m2 126.2
  • GROUND FLOOR m2 55.2
  • FIRST FLOOR m2 71
  • STOREROOM m2 5.4


  • FLOOR 0 - 1
  • ROOMS 2
  • SIZE m2 72.5
  • GROUND FLOOR m2 32.5
  • FIRST FLOOR m2 40


  • FLOOR 0 - 1
  • ROOMS 2
  • SIZE m2 49.9
  • GROUND FLOOR m2 29.8
  • FIRST FLOOR m2 20.1
  • STOREROOM m2 1.6


  • FLOOR 2
  • ROOMS 5
  • SIZE m2 110.0
  • STOREROOM m2 2.4


  • FLOOR 2 - 3
  • ROOMS 7
  • SIZE m2 267.8
  • SECOND FLOOR m2 165.8
  • THIRD FLOOR m2 102.0
  • BALCONY m2 8.8
  • STOREROOM m2 6.1


  • FLOOR 3
  • ROOMS 4
  • SIZE m2 125.2
  • BALCONY m2 8.7
  • STOREROOM m2 2.9
  • PRICE (EUR) 539 000
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Interior Finishing

Interior Finishing Package


The luxurious herringbone parquet perfectly complements the classic furnishings. The black and white ceramic tiles in the washrooms were selected to suit the style of Kadriorg, while more detail is added with classic moulding. If you choose this package, you may incorporate bold, dark and daring tones – and why not even patterns – into the interior.

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Romantic urban home

The herringbone parquet made from natural tone oak goes perfectly with modern, minimalist and
romantic styles. The bathroom floor is finished with tiles with a discreet pattern, while the walls are
light. The mood of the package is bright and spacious.

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+372 55 536 068

Interior Finishing Package

Modern Kadriorg

High-quality light-toned parquet is a wonderful option for a modern home in Kadriorg. The ceramic tiles in the bathroom are relaxing and made from natural stone. The package is characterised by dark details such as sockets and door handles.

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construction information


The historic Köleri 14 building will basically be a new building after reconstruction. Only log walls, two historic stairs and some other valuable, historical details are preserved from the old building. All the structures (foundations, partitions, etc.) will be new. All technical systems will be new and modern. The aim is to imitate the historical and original look as much as possible.


All load-bearing structures of the building are new. The foundation of the building rests on a gravel-based platform. The brickwork is made of hollow stone blocks, which are filled with concrete. Intermediate floors are made of monolithic concrete, which are supported by brickwork and steel posts. The roof structure is made of metal and wood.


The exterior walls of the building are made of profiled planed board according to the historical exterior, the main part of the walls is painted in light yellow. In the lower floors, the board colour is dark yellow. The plinth part is plastered in white.


The building has a pitched roof; the roof material is rolled sheet metal (0.6 mm). Roof insulation layer is 340 mm stone wool.


The main door of the building is a restored historic wooden door; there are two exterior doors at the courtyard side. These are wooden doors that are replicas of the historic and original doors. The exterior doors of the apartments are panelled solid wood doors with the required degree of fire resistance. In the basement there are smooth metal doors for storage rooms, utility rooms and apartments. The interior doors of the apartments are solid wood doors: see interior finishing packages.


White wooden windows manufactured in the style of historical windows. Selective glass with sun protection and a glass package with a matt surface glass strip. The outer window frame opens outwards and the inner window frame opens inwards. The outer window frame is made of single glazing, the inner with double-glazing. Sound insulation 25 db. The cremones are suitable for the era.


Each apartment has an apartment-based heat recovery ventilation unit. The ventilation unit is adjustable (5 speeds); the heat of the exhaust air is used to heat the supply air. The supply air is cleaned, and passed through F5 filters. Noise level max 50 dB.

Water supply and sewerage

All apartments have remotely readable water meters. Villeroy & Boch sanitary equipment: see interior finishing packages.

Electricity (high current)

Remotely readable electricity meters are installed in the electrical cabinet of the house; the readings are transmitted directly to the electricity sales company. Schneider Asfora sockets and switches: see interior finishing packages.

Light current

The apartments are equipped with TV / telephone / Internet cabling (connection to the service providers must be done by the apartment owner) and a phono lock system with a video image. The apartments are equipped with smoke detectors connected to the ATS central unit.

Interior finishing of general areas

The walls and ceilings of the corridors and stairwells are painted. The stair platforms of the stairwells are tiled with Kerion Neocim Classic ceramic tiles. The main stair is covered with natural stone; the rear exterior stair of the building is made of concrete. Both internal stairs of the building are restored original wooden stairs. Stairs and handrails are wooden and painted. The wall surfaces of the basement are painted; the floor is made of clean concrete. The floor of the technical rooms is made of concrete. Mailboxes will be installed in the lobby.




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